Retire On Your Terms

Ready for Retirement?


Retirement is on the Horizon

In your 60s, you can finally see retirement on the horizon. The time has actually come to plan that trip to Italy; to meet that first grandchild; and to downsize from that big house.

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Long Term Care and Social Security

The time has also come to better research your Social Security benefits (and when it’s best to start accessing them), Medicare coverage and long term care options.

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Determine your retirement lifestyle

This is the time to start making some choices about how you will live in retirement, and more importantly, to put some dollar figures to this lifestyle. Will you be moving and/or downsizing your house? Will you be debt-free by the time you hit retirement? Will you have adult children to support?

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Build a withdrawing strategy

One of the more complex aspects surrounding retirement can be determining which of your accounts to tap and in what order.

Managing Retirement Assets

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