Retire On Your Terms

It's Your Turn


Focus on your career:

Although you are getting closer to retirement, by now you have seen it all. If you have kids they are most likely more independent now, which is a good thing. Focus on what matters to you now: your career, hobbies, etc.


Plan you retirement age

You should now have a better idea as to when you will be able to retire. Review your savings on an annual basis, and make sure you are on track. Accelerate savings if you need to.

Retirement Planner


Research Social Security and Medicare

If retirement is just around the bend, do a little research on Social Security, Medicare and long term care options. Find out what strategy you want to take towards collecting Social Security and applying for Medicare. 

Social Security     Health Care


You are closer than you think

Whether or not you want to admit it, you are getting close to retirement. Hopefully you can say that you are confident in the planning you have done thus far. If not, analyse what you can to get back on track. Use the resources below to your advantage.

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