Retire On Your Terms

Turning Savings into Retirement Income

The days of retiring comfortably on Social Security and a company pension are gone. Today, most people entering retirement will need to withdraw from their investment portfolios to create the income they need. Although creating and implementing a retirement income plan can seem daunting, you are more likely to achieve the retirement you envision if you prepare in advance.

The question individuals approaching and entering retirement should ask themselves is, “Can I afford to do all the things I want to do in retirement?” Throughout this guide, we will provide techniques and information to help you answer “yes” to that question with a focus on structuring your income in retirement to help you achieve your goals.

While this guide from BlackRock can help you start thinking about ways to make your retirement income last, your financial professional can help you develop a personal investment plan to most effectively accomplish your retirement goals.

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Turning Savings into Retirement Income Brochure
Turning Savings into Retirement Income