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Life Insurance Policy Locator

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) is leveraging NAIC technology and data by launching its Life Insurance Policy Locator application to aid consumers in finding lost life insurance policies and annuity contracts. 

This application will serve Americans who may be life insurance beneficiaries by offering an easy-to-use tool to help find lost or forgotten policies. At least $1 billion in benefits from life insurance policies are unclaimed, according to Consumer Reports.

"The goal of life insurance is to provide for your beneficiaries when you are gone, but far too often life insurance policies go unclaimed because they're lost and consumers don't know how to find them," said John M. Huff, NAIC President and Missouri Insurance Director. "This project underscores the NAIC's mission to protect consumers. Regulators want to ensure claims are submitted and benefits are paid in a timely manner. This app will help accomplish that goal."

You can use the Life Insurance Policy Locator Service here.