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Monday, April 8

National Retirement Planning Week has begun. How do you plan to #RethinkRetirement.

It’s National Retirement Planning Week! Take action to better your future, and start planning today. #RethinkRetirement 

Tuesday, April 9

As a woman, take action to start planning your future #retirement. How can you #RethinkRetirement? 

Women naturally face a few different retirement challenges. Face those challenges head on. #RethinkRetirement 

Wednesday, April 10

MYTH: I’m too young to worry about long-term care planning. It’s never too early to start planning! #RethinkRetirement 

Long-term care expenses are one of the greater economic risks that older Americans face - plan for these expenses and #RethinkRetirement

Thursday, April 11

Learn the basics of investing, and find out how you can plan for a better future. 

#RethinkRetirement and visit for resources and tips to plan a safe and secure #retirement.


Friday, April 12

Working with a financial #advisor can help you feel more secure that your savings goals are on track. #RethinkRetirement 

What do you need to know before working with a financial advisor on your holistic retirement plan? Here’s where to start: